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CSC Features

Cheat Sheet Creator features include:


Browse Players

  • Easily find NFL players to add to your notebook through the "Browse" area
  • Access to last year's stats and current year bye weeks
  • Average Draft Position Data


  • Easily re-rank players in the "Notebook" area
  • Add your own notes to each of your players
  • Add/Remove players from your notebook with one click


  • Quick and easy access to creating your report in the "Reports" area.
  • A variety of customizable reports and cheatsheets ranging from the "1-page Cheat Sheet" to a "Full Report" with player notes and information.
  • Multiple formats including HTML, XML, and soon to arrive PDF.


  • Interact with the CSC Community via the CSC Forums
  • Interact with the CSC Staff, and leave suggestions via the Forums



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Why you need CSC:

Have you ever found yourself...

  • Not taking a stud player because your cheat sheet didn't even rank him top 10?

  • Missing a sleeper, because your cheat sheet didn't even have him listed?

  • Thumbing back and forth between rankings from two or more different sources, only to end up more confused about a player than when you started reading? (Was your team on the clock, when this happened?)

    If you answered yes to any of these questions,
    then CHEATSHEET CREATOR is for you!