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Stephen A. Smith rings up 4 mistakes in a wildly inaccurate Chargers-Chiefs preview

Say it loud enough and … well, it still doesn’t make it true. Stephen A. Smith quickly went 0-for-4 on ESPN’s “First Take” previewing Thursday night’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers. Smith wildly misses the mark Smith gave his take to Max Kellerman and Tedy Bruschi on Thursday morning’s show, pointing out who he was looking forward to watching.

Kansas City police cut deep with jab at Los Angeles Chargers

The Kansas City Chiefs play the Los Angeles — not San Diego, Los Angeles — Chargers Thursday night in KC. While our football team doesn't have to move cities to get fans, we'd like to keep our city's traffic (both fans & commuters) moving during tomorrow's Chiefs vs Chargers game. “While our football team doesn’t have to move cities to get fans, we’d like to keep our city’s traffic (both fans & commuters) moving during tomorrow’s Chiefs vs Chargers game.

No-looks and sidearms — 7 more throws from Patrick Mahomes you might have missed

Earlier this week, I compared Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to John Wick because, well, he’s the John freaking Wick of football. Considering the way Mahomes throws so many absurd passes with accuracy and heat from different arm angles, it’s hard not to picture Wick taking out 20 bad guys at once with a gun (or a pencil) and somehow never getting hit. Mahomes is so much fun to watch, and when you consider Kansas City’s miserable history of playoff failure — and the hope Mahomes gives fans that those days are over — it’s hard not to see Mahomes, like Wick, as “Baba Yaga,” or the guy you send to get the boogeyman.

All signs point to Chiefs S Berry playing

Denver Broncos: Von Miller was whistled for jumping offside three times last week, and coach Vance Joseph was critical of the outside linebacker on Monday, saying a player of that caliber "doesn't need to cheat the count." But while Miller accepted blame, he doesn't plan to stop anticipating snap counts. "Yeah, I was upset about it, but at the end of the day, if I've got 97 sacks, probably 80 of them came off of getting a great jump," Miller said Wednesday. ESPN reported Berry -- who tore his Achilles last year and has battled a heel injury but practiced on a limited basis the past three weeks -- is expected to play against the Chargers.

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