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Patriots complete Edelman/Irving jersey swap

On the heels of the Boston Celtics' season-opening victory, the New England Patriots helped stars Julian Edelman and Kyrie Irving complete their jersey swap. Edelman created a buzz after wearing a personalized No. 11 Celtics jersey to his postgame press conference after his own season debut against the Colts earlier this month. Irving said he gave his blessing to the Celtics to craft a personalized Edelman jersey after the wide receiver spent time working out at the Celtics' practice facility.

Bill Belichick and Lawrence Taylor agree: Khalil Mack's not as good as LT

There’s a high-profile Super Bowl-winning coach who thinks we all need to slow down on the Khalil Mack hype. With the New England Patriots preparing to play the Chicago Bears on Sunday, Bill Belichick was asked if Mack ranks up there with Lawrence Taylor as “one of the better” pass rushers he’s seen. Belichick, the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants through Taylor’s ’80s prime, took the question as a personal affront.

NFC North standings: Bears’ division lead on life support after loss to Dolphins

A tie is all that separates the Bears from the rest of the NFC North division. Chicago's Week 6 loss to the Miami Dolphins dropped the team to 3-2, which just barely leaves them in first place. Because the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings tied in Week 2, they sit just behind the Bears at 3-2-1 in the division.

Why Do NFL Defenses Stink?

Bill Belichick wore a look of disgust and bewilderment, like he smelled something bad but couldn’t quite tell where it was coming from. It was late in the fourth quarter of Sunday night’s showdown between the top two teams in the AFC, and the Chiefs had just completed their comeback, evening the score at 40 with a one-play, 12-second drive that consisted of a 75-yard TD pass from Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill. Belichick is famous for his emotionless demeanor on the sidelines, but this rankled expression had presented other times throughout the night, including on another of Hill’s three touchdown catches.

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