FanDraft: Fantasy Football Draft Board software

FanSoft Media developed the Cheatsheet Creator service almost 5 year's ago. It was created out an angst that no tools like this existed at the time, and a belief that other people could find a use in such a service.
To make it possible, the development of the service was subsidized by offer a freemium model, where people that wanted to access the more advanced tools would have to purchase a PRO membership. Well, enough time has passed, and we are now able to offer all of the tools and features of Cheatsheet Creator for absolutely free.

While you may start seeing a few more advertisements to help maintain costs offering the product, every other aspect will now be made available to you for absolutely free.
If you've been a PRO user in the past, we (and the entire CSC community) should take a moment to thank you for all of your support.
If you've never had PRO access, we hope you appreciate the CSC service in it's entirety.
And we encourage ALL users to please pass the word on about the service to all of your friends/leaguemates! Sincerely - The Cheatsheet Creator Staff
  • Access to Notebook Tool (Rank players and write notes)
  • Access Player Stats and News
  • Access to the CSC Community
  • Access to the CSC WarRoom
  • Ability to Create Printable Reports (HTML,CSV,XML)
  • Exclusive Notebook Tools
  • Access to Editable Player Projections
  • Special Discounts on Other Fantasy Products
  CSC FREE Account PRO Account: $10.00